Are You Still Under Condemnation?


Devotion for Saturday May 6, 2017

Topic: Are You Still Under Condemnation?

Text: Romans 8: 1 – 9

Paul wrote to assure the Roman that we are no more under condemnation. It applies to us too. There is no condemnation does not mean that sin in believers is not to be condemned, rather the gospel does not pronounce condemnation like the law. The gospel of grace pronounces pardon. This is what Jesus did for us in taking our place to die for us. Have you received that pardon or are you still under condemnation? It is better you repent now before it will be too late. This act of Jesus Christ for us was aimed at making everyone understand the basic truth that by His death, the lost sinners and ruined men are set free from the most fearful and terrible condemnation meant for them.

Beloved, live your new life in Christ and don’t take to heart what people say about you. When God has not condemned you, who can condemn you? Do not live in fear and uncertainty because people have condemned you and have given you tag: never do well, a failure, no future ambition, etc. Every tag from Satan on you will be destroyed in Jesus name.

Food for Thought: Evidence of a life without condemnation is walking in obedience and love for God, and Man.

Memory verse: Romans 8 verse 1

Prayer: Grant, O Lord, that I will always walk in obedience as a proof that I am no more under condemnation in Jesus name.

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