No More Debtors To The Flesh


Devotion for Sunday May 7, 2017

Topic: No More Debtors To The Flesh

Text: Romans 8:10 – 15        

Debtor is noun form of debt. Debt is an obligation, duty, responsibility or commitment. Living in the flesh has never conferred upon us any real good, but always injury. Paul tells us that we are no longer under obligation to the flesh. The flesh or carnal nature in Christians died at repentance and thus we are no longer under obligation to obey its dictates (Rom. 6:11 – 12). His emphasis is that we are to refuse the drives and desires of our crucified sinful nature, to say no to worldly passions and ungodliness. The old, sinful nature may present its demands, based on our past, but we have no obligation to obey.

There are great privileges for us as Christians if only we will obey the dictates of the Spirit. As many as will walk according to the dictates of the spirit, will always see the great manifestation of God. Being debtors to the flesh encompasses depending on your strength, trusting humans and refusing to acknowledge God as indispensable and one you can’t do without. It will actually be suicidal to live in the flesh in this age where everything points to the end time. Always apply the words of Hezekiah in 2 Chronicles 32: 8. Know that the enemies who may come to you are with arm of flesh and will all fail but our God can never fail us.

Food for Thought: Romans 8: 6

Memory verse: Romans 8 verse 12

Prayer: Lord, help me to never to live in the flesh or obey its desires.

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