A Blessed Man


Devotion for Sunday May 14, 2017

Topic: A Blessed Man

Text: Jeremiah 17:7 – 8

Today’s text is opposite that of yesterday. Here, the man is blessed who trusts and hopes in the Lord. In Ps. 1:1ff is the record what makes a man blessed. Here, Jeremiah confirms it. God blessed Noah and his sons because they did what was pleasing to Him. Noah was a different man in his generation. Are you different in this generation? Do you hate all the evils of this age? Israelis were contemplating of asking Egypt for military assistance against invading Assyrians and God said that doing so is a curse but when they trust and hope in Him they will be blessed, and will be like a tree planted by the waters (17:7 & 8 compare Ps. 1:1 & 2).

Trusting in the Lord is beneficial to us in many ways – we are blessed, we are fruitful in all ramification, etc. Can you mention other benefits? Do you sincerely trust God in all things or in some things only? Those that put their trust in the living God certainly will continually receive from Him life and all the good things of life too. These will result to heavenly joy and peace which will always fill their souls. God does not intend to place curses on us. We can only be under curse when we wilfully disobey Him. We will be blessed and remain so when we walk in obedience to His word (Deut. 5:33) and when we delight to do His will and please Him. Where do you belong – those who obey God or those who disobey?

Food for Thought: Happiness comes from earthly things; blessedness comes from God.

Memory verse: Jeremiah 17 verse 7

Prayer: Help me O Lord my God to always please and obey you so as to enjoy your blessings in Jesus name.

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