Courage Leads To Miracle


Devotion for Monday May 29, 2017

Topic: Courage Leads To Miracle

Text: 2 Kings 7:3 – 4

Many people have failed because they were unwillingness to make attempt on their dreams. Many, out of fear and doubt have missed opportunities to advance in life and make good progress. A good example in the Bible was Saul who couldn’t dare confront Goliath. David a youth did and God honoured his faith. Saul failed because he didn’t attempt. God would have empowered him to face Goliath.

These four lepers had no other option as far as their survival in that period of famine was concerned. Death was staring them at the face because of the famine. If they stay put to the place they were, death will come. If they go into the enemies’ camp, death may come but there is also opportunity of getting food to eat. So they decided to venture into the enemies’ camp. They did not just think about it, they took action (2 Kings 7:5). To the surprise of the lepers there was no enemy in the camp (2 Kings 7:6). They’ve all fled because God had caused them to flee after hearing a mysterious sound of what seems like the coming of a mighty troop against them. God will cause your enemies to give way before you appear in Jesus name.

Are you afraid to make an attempt concerning that business, examination, project, proposal to that lady about marriage, appeal for help and assistance, etc? Ask God to remove fear from you and grant you the spirit of boldness. The lepers had enough to eat and were not selfish (2 Kings 7:9 – 11). Are you selfish with what God has blessed you with? Repent and learn to share what you have with others. It is my prayer and desire that this year, as you bravely act upon the word of God because doors will certainly open for you. Favour will always meet with you. Know that the greatest obstacles to your receiving are fear and doubt. Just believe God you can make it this year in Jesus name.

Food for Thought: You have 50 – 50 chance of getting what you want from God and people by asking than not attempting at all.

Memory verse: 2 Kings 7 verse 4b

Prayer: God, grant me the spirit of courage to dare and venture in my endeavours in Jesus name.

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