Why Are You Crying?


Devotion for Thursday June 8, 2017                  

Topic: Why Are You Crying?                                                           

Text: John 20:15

When God does something for us, we should be grateful for such blessing, received. Mary Magdalene demonstrated such character. She ministered to Jesus Christ with her substance (Luke 8:3). Jesus casted out seven demons from her and as act of gratitude to her great Deliverer, she became His follower. She was committed to serving Christ with total sincerity of heart and it paid off for her. When other women left the tomb disappointed, she stayed back crying at the tomb perhaps waiting to get information on what had happened. Her staying back paid off as Jesus appeared and spoke to her (John 20: 15a).

The first question Jesus asked Mary was an expression of kindly sympathy. The second question seems to suggest that He knew the cause of her grief. This is the character of Jesus; not only sympathetic but also empathetic about our situations (Hebrews 2:18; 4:15 and 16). His appearance comforted Mary. God will comfort you also on that, which is the cause of your sorrow and grief at the moment.

You may be crying because of what you are presently passing through or people might have mocked or abused you. Maybe you have made frantic efforts to succeed in life and nothing seems to work for you. Maybe you are in the hospital and there is no headway about your healing and now you have resorted to crying. Never mind, it is not and never too late with Jesus, except you haven’t invited Him into the matter. He has solutions to your problems. He has answer for you. Just keep trusting Him.

Food for Thought: 2 Corinthians 1: 3 & 4

Memory verse: John 20 verse 15b

Prayer: Pray for God’s comfort concerning that protracted problem that makes you cry often and again.

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