Where You are Now is not Enough



Devotion for Thursday July 6, 2017

Topic: Where You are Now is not Enough

Text: Philippians 3:8 – 14

Being complacent because you have attained a level of success is dangerous. The day I wrote today’s devotion, I bought a book titled WHERE YOU ARE IS NOT ENOUGH written by Freshmann J. N. Esq. At the back cover is the story of how Google approached the CEO of Yahoo in 1997 to buy Google at the cost of One Million dollars because they were not making profit. He refused, stating that it would be a bad investment. To him what he was making in Yahoo was okay. Six years later (2002), Yahoo tried to buy it again at three billion dollars but the founder of Google refused to sell. As at 2004, Google is worth Three hundred and ninety five billion dollars. What would have happened if Yahoo had bought Google then? There were not foresighted. They thought they were okay and today, they are regretting. They were satisfied with what they dad achieved.

Paul told the Philippians in our scriptural reading for the day that where he was then was not enough for him. He saw himself as someone who is not yet perfect despite all the miracles and things God had used him to do. He didn’t believe that he had accomplished anything. He was very hungry to do more and achieve more. There was the burning desire in him to do more for God. His achievement did not enter his head. He was still humble despite all his exploits for God.

As church militants, we are not yet perfect and cannot be perfect until our race is done. We are still vulnerable to sin and can fall off the faith (1 Corinthians 10:12). That you can pray and speak in tongues should not make you complacent. Let your accomplishment humble you and make you desire to do more for God. This should be so in your business and chosen career. Aspire for more height because there is still more room for that.

Food for Thought: Never give up! Keep your thoughts and your mind always on the goal – Tom Bradley

Memory verse: Philippians 3:12

Prayer: God, help me never to be carried away by my achievement so that I will not lose focus on heavenly goal in Jesus name.

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