Serve God Without Conditions


When I was praying in the Church early Wednesday morning before the Holy Communion Service, I said, “GOD, GRANT ME THE GRACE TO LIVE WELL SO THAT I WILL MAKE HEAVEN AT LAST.” Immediately God told me that “I AM SELFISH.” Before I could ask how, He said, “YOU SHOULD SERVE ME BECAUSE YOU LOVE AS I LOVE YOU AND DIED FOR YOU.” As I heard God speak to me, I didn’t argue. I changed my language of prayer asking God to forgive and help me to love Him as He loves me which should be my aim of serving Him.

I spent time to meditate on what God told me before I went to preach. How many of us actually serve God without attachment to our service? How many of us will be in the church today if God didn’t promise heaven? How many of us will serve God today if the assurance of protection is not there? How many of us will still serve God wish all these worldly distraction from the devil and his agents? How many of us will serve God just because He loves us and died for our sake before we even came to know Him? Just few people would have been in the church today if God didn’t promise us heaven!

Beloved in Christ, what is your aim of serving God? It will be sad to focus on what we stand to gain from serving God than serving Him because He loves us and died for us when we were yet sinners. God didn’t attach any condition to the love He has for us. He loves us unconditionally and still blesses us even when we still compromise and sin against Him. The love for God should be the first motivation factor in serving Him. Any other thing can follow later. When He chose to die for us, He didn’t have the doubt if people will accept His death or not. Today is enough history of what He did for us.

St Matthew warns us saying, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” When we serve God and live out His righteousness, He will give us that heaven at last. We should not be carried away by the promises of God forgetting He who made the promise. Love God freely without attachments or sentiments and certainly He will grant you your heart desires.

Tabugbo Uzoma

(Servant of God & Humanity)

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