Put Away Pride To Excel


Devotion for Tuesday July 10, 2017

Topic: Put Away Pride To Excel

Text: John 19:1 – 6

Nothing good comes so easy and if we must gain anything meaningful and good, we must make extra effort, deny ourselves some pleasures, inconvenience ourselves and do some other sorts of things that many even be termed degrading to achieve what we desire or to attain our goals in life.

Zaccahaeus was a chief tax collector and a very rich man. He wanted to see Jesus to know what He is like; probably he had heard so much about Him. Unfortunately, he was of small stature. Seeing Jesus is something very few men desire. Can we say that faith or fancy made Zaccahaeus to climb the Sycamore tree to see Jesus? Some believe it was not faith but fancy that made him climb the Sycamore tree, to see Jesus. If that is accepted, his curiosity gave occasion to the belief of his heart. It is good to come near the place where Christ is, no matter the principles that bring us there because He is the source of everything good we desire in this life.

Zaccaheus shelved aside position, fame, pride, wealth and the result was salvation. What extra effort can you make to receive salvation, healing, deliverance, blessings, etc? Is it to pray more, remove pride, study the word of God the more, attend church programme regularly, fast the more, etc. Think about it. Basketball legend Larry Bird says, “Push yourself again and again. Don’t five an inch until the final buzzer sounds.” Beloved, make extra effort and put away pride because son that miracle will unfold for you.

Food for Thought: “There is no comparison between that which is lost by not succeeding and that which is lost by not trying” – Francis Ball

Memory verse: Luke 19 verse 3

Prayer: Grant me the grace, O lord my God to put aside pride in order to achieve my life’s dream in Jesus name.

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