Do You Undermine God’s Word

Devotion for Tuesday October 31, 2017

Topic: Do You Undermine God’s Word

Text: John 12:44 – 50

John 12:48 is similar to Deuteronomy 18:19. Many people are eager to hear God’s word or preach it but very few are ready to apply same into their lives. The doers of the word of God are justified according to Apostle Paul (Romans 2:13). Thus James affirms in his exhortation in James 1:22.

Here in our bible reading for the day is an obvious truth. Jesus asserts that if anyone hears His word and does not believe it, that truth He preached will judge the person at last. A sinner will certainly remember the word he heard on the last day and that will be the source of his/her condemnation. Undermining the word of God we hear makes us not to be committed in the things of God and it makes us faithless when we come to the crossroads of life. Another side effect of undermining God’s word is that it makes us lose sight of what God is capable of doing for us. Lastly, those who undermine God’s word act hypocritically and are compromisers.

How do you treat the word of God you read, hear or preach? Do you read, hear or preach and undermine it? Do you attend all the conferences and conventions of your church and have nothing to show for it? When we hear the word of God and undermine it, the result will be what Paul said in 1 Timothy 4:2. Do not hear the word of God and refuse to surrender your life to Jesus? By so doing, you have already condemned yourself. Again, men of Nineveh will rise against you (Matthew 12:41) in judgement. Therefore, act now before it will be too late.

Food for Thought: The conscience of a sinner will concur with the sentence of Christ on Judgement Day. Will your conscience condemn or commend you?

Memory verse: John 12:48

Prayer: Lord in your mercy grant that I will no longer undermine your word. Help me to be a doer of your word and not hearer alone in Jesus name.

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