What Is Acceptable To God

Devotion for Wednesday November 1, 2017

Topic: What Is Acceptable To God

Text: Romans 12:1

It is not everything we do that God approves and accepts. He accepted the sacrifice of Abel and showed disdain to that of Cain. Also He does not accept the act of not entirely depending on Him (Isaiah 31:1). God does not accept sacrifice that is not holy or anything not pleasing to Him. In this our text for the day, Paul exhorts us to present our bodies as living sacrifices. This means that we should dedicate and devote our souls and bodies to the service of God and His glory. Christians should offer up their lives unto God as a whole burnt offering. This must be voluntary as you are expected to do it (present yourself). It must be a living sacrifice; a holy sacrifice, a reasonable sacrifice, otherwise God will not accept it.

Have you offered yourself as a sacrifice that is acceptable to God? Your commitment should be reasonable and not offensive to God. A life that has been sacrificed to God as a living, holy and reasonable sacrifice is seen in its dependence of God for direction and instruction in everything. The person lives according to detects of God. Christians shouldn’t invent services, or make trials, or seek persecutions or provoke opposition so as to be seen as serving and suffering for Christ’s sake. They should do just what God requires of them, and that will be acceptable to Him.

When what we do is acceptable to God that will be the greatest recompense we can get because not everybody will have the privilege to serve God. If He approves what we do, what men think of us doesn’t matter. Therefore, to please Him should be our highest aim in this new month and we will certainly reap the benefits. Happy New Month!

Food for Thought: God’s priority and what He accepts matters. Is this your guiding principle in this heavenly race?

Memory verse: Romans 12:1

Prayer: Grant me, O Lord, the understanding of what you accept so that I can make them my priority in this heavenly race in Jesus name Amen.

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