Where Am I Wrong?

Devotion for Saturday November 11, 2017

Topic: Where Am I Wrong?

Text: Jeremiah 2:5

God lamented His efforts to make Israel good and productive (Isaiah 5:1 – 7) which never materialized. Rather He got the opposite which brought His anger on them. He laments again in our text about unfaithfulness of the Israelites. He had called Abram out of Chaldea or a purpose (Genesis 12:1 – 3) as He wanted to make a nation of people who will faithfully and obediently walk with Him. He chased out the people of Canaan from their land because of their idolatry life and gave the land to the Israelites. He had bestowed upon them abundant labour and grace, and had expected from them an abundant harvest of righteousness. Thus He asked to know if they have ever discovered anything cruelty, unjust, oppressiveness, unkind laws or tyrannical in His government. Why then have they become idolaters?

In the same manner, God has bestowed so much grace on us and has done all that is needed for our salvation. We can’t charge God of neglecting us as the reason for our barrenness or sinning. He has done so much for us.

How do you reciprocate God’s love and grace upon you? Do not make God to regret the grace and mercies He shows you on daily basis. When we backslide, it dishonours God as it is a virtual declaration before the world that we have tried His service and found it unreasonable or hard. Are you in this group? God can only endure your faltering between two opinions for now (1 Kings 18:21) for His anger awaits sinner later.

Food for Thought: Isaiah 5:4

Memory verse: Jeremiah 2:5

Prayer: Lord God, grant me the grace never to make you regret the grace and mercies you have shown me in Jesus name. Amen.

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