When The Amazing God Acts Amazingly

Devotion for Saturday November 14, 2017

Topic: When The Amazing God Acts Amazingly

Text: Act 12:1 – 17

When God intervenes in some precarious cases, it leaves us speechless, amazed, astonished and perplexed. Our text for the day speaks of amazing act of God in delivering Peter from the prison despite the guards and the gates. God sent his angel who came and struck him amidst soldiers and the chain with which they chained him to two soldiers fell off. The angel led him through first and second posts (gates) through the iron post heavily manned by armed soldiers but the gates all opened on their own accord (Acts 12:7 – 17). It was after they had passed through all the gates that Peter came to himself and realised that it was not a dream.

Meanwhile, prayers were being offered for him (Acts 12:5). When Peter arrived at the gate of the house of Mary, mother of John Mark, Rhoda didn’t open the gate out of joy when she saw that it was Peter knocking at the gate. Rather, she ran in to announce what she saw and she was accused of not being herself. They had regarded his rescue as so difficult and where hopeless. Yet they were praying for his release. This is how some of us behave. We keep praying without believing that God can give us what we are praying for.

Sometimes, it is difficult for us to believe the answer to our prayers, even when God said He is more ready to answer us. Yet when He does that which we had asked for, we will be astonished. This made the people praying to say that Rhoda was mad. We shouldn’t be overwhelmed and astonished when our petitions are granted, and when God manifests His power in His own way and time. That is a sign of little faith or faithlessness. We should grow to the level of believing God for His word. With God all things are possible. As we do not know what time God will act for us, we should be what we pray for because He will surely answer our sincere prayers (James 1:6 – 8).

Food for Thought: Matthew 11:24

Memory verse: Acts 12:15

Prayer: Lord God, strengthen my faith so that I will not doubt your ability to do what I ask for in prayer.

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