A Great Understanding

Devotion for Thursday November 23, 2017

Topic: A Great Understanding

Text: Proverbs 14:29

The greatest gift to ask from God is discretion or wisdom. With wisdom, one can achieve so many things in life; it can make you rich, save you from danger; it gives you understanding, protects you against the enemies, guide you in path of righteousness, etc. There are principally two things we should note in this text.

1) Meekness is part of wisdom. Someone who is meek rightly understands and controls himself; his duties and interests, the infirmities of human nature, and the society. Someone who is patient is really to be counted as intelligent; one that learns of Christ in everything, who is Himself (Christ) wisdom.

2) Unbridled passion is proclamation of foolishness. He that has hasty of spirit, whose heart is tinder to every spark of provocation, always thinks to magnify himself and make those around stand in awe of him, whereas really he exalts his own folly. He makes his folly known to all through his foolish and hasty acts and words. Such person lacks understanding.

This exhortation of James in James 1:19 should be our yardstick for measuring one who is wise and truly a child of God. How wise are you? How do you control your anger? An understanding fellow shows wisdom and one who lacks wisdom acts foolishly.

Food for Thought: James 1:19 – 20

Memory verse: James 1:19

Prayer: God, grant me the grace to moderate what I see with my eyes and how I react to them.

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