Money Cannot Save

Devotion for Saturday December 9, 2017

Topic: Money Cannot Save

Text: Zephaniah 1:18

Jesus Christ is the only source of salvation (Acts 4:11 – 12). His salvation is all encompassing as Paul asserted. The salvation from God is not just salvation from sin unto eternal life alone but also from poverty, sickness, bondage, curse and spell, etc.

God spoke through Zephaniah to the Israelites that their wealth cannot save them from the impending judgement. God posited that neither their silver nor their gold in which they trusted, and from which they expected happiness shall profit them on that awful day. This warning was to challenge them not to be asleep because they were enjoying the patience of God. When men’s iniquity is full, certainly, His justice will overtake and overcome them.

Many wealthy people have engaged all forms of security outfits. They have the police, all kinds of security dogs, well fenced and electrified walls, personal guards, bullet proof vests and cars, etc. Unfortunately, all these cannot save especially when it comes to God’s judgement and verdict. “Riches do not profit in the day or wrath, but righteousness delivers from death (Proverbs 11:14).” On the Day of Judgement, wealth will no longer count as it will not save neither can we place value on them (see Ezekiel 7:19). Again, some donate money to the church to secure salvation. You can’t bribe God to have salvation. It is not so! Salvation is of God alone and He is the one that grants it to us.

Food for Thought: Acts 4:12

Memory verse: Proverbs 11:14

Prayer: My Father in heaven, help me never to put my trust in my wealth for there is no salvation in them.

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