Count The Cost

Devotion for Friday January 5, 2018

Topic: Count The Cost

Text: Luke 14:25 – 33

Jesus Christ taught His disciples the cost of being a disciple and advised that anyone who desires to be His disciple must first sit down and count the cost so that he will not fall by the wayside and people will make mockery of him. Even common sense teaches men not to begin any costly work without first seeing that they have wherewithal to finish it. Anyone who does otherwise exposes himself to general ridicule. This advice Jesus gave is very important in every endeavour or career we want to undertake in life. It will be proper to count the cost implications before we set out. What are your plans for this year? Have you counted the cost implications? Proverbs 24:27 admonishes that we shouldn’t do a work without planning towards it. This year, do nothing without a plan. The Living Bible has Proverbs 24:27 thus: Develop your business before building a house. This reason is to ensure that your business doesn’t suffer while you are building the house and perhaps you fail to complete the building and the business also collapses. Beloved, the message here is about prudence and wisdom in all we do. Never embark on anything without proper planning to avoid regret and exposure to ridicule. Plan well for the year and by December, you will not have any reason to regret and face ridicule of people. Be wise! Sing A&M 356; Abu 186

Food for Thought: Anyone who becomes a Christian, without considering the dangers and difficulties, the trials and troubles, the afflictions and temptations, which may accompany it, will never hold out in the spiritual warfare; for either he falls in it, or runs from it.

Memory verse: Luke 14:28

Prayer: God, as I have resolved to follow you, help me in my resolution to remain a faithful disciple all the days of my life in Jesus name. Amen.

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