Utilize Your Gifts

Devotion for Tuesday January 9, 2018

Topic: Utilize Your Gifts

Text: Proverbs 18:16

Gifts are something bestowed on us. If we can afford such thing, we can’t call it a gift. The author of Proverbs says the gift of a man and not the wealth. This gift can be talent, wisdom, knowledge, craft, art, etc. The gift makes way for the owner and brings him or her before great men. From this verse of the scripture, there are three things we should note of. 1) Every man has a gift. This truth is illustrated in the parable Jesus gave about talents in Matthew 25:14 – 30. There was no servant without a talent. Though some of the servants had more talents than other servants, none was left without one. 2) Talents are meant to be utilized. In that same parable, the king condemned the servant that didn’t utilize the talent he received. For every talent God has given to us, we must utilize them or else on the day of reckoning, we will be condemned for not using them. 3) When we use them, it brings us before kings. A look at that parable in Matthew 25:14 – 30 shows us the reward of using our talents. Those that used theirs were brought before the king for commendation and reward while the man that hid his talent was condemned and cast out into a place of regret.  In the days ahead, we will look at some examples of those that used their talents and how it brought them before kings. What are your gifts/talents? How are you utilizing them? Sing A&M 331, Abu 109

Food for Thought: “Concealed talent brings no reputation” – Erasmus.

Memory verse: Matthew 25:20

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to utilize my gifts and may they bring me before great men in Jesus name. Amen

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