Utilize Your Talents/Gifts – The Example of Peter

Devotion for Friday January 12, 2018

Topic: Utilize Your Talents/Gifts – The Example of Peter

Text: Luke 5:1 – 11

Peter and his colleagues had toiled all night without anything to show for their efforts. Apparently, they were set to go home and rest because they were already washing their nets when Jesus appeared and requested to use their boat. Some people would have seen the request as adding to their frustration because it means they would stay longer. But Peter gave out his boat. He didn’t take time to consider the request. He acted promptly.

Beloved, God is requesting to use that your property for the sake of the gospel. Will you oblige him? After using Peter’s boat, Jesus commanded them to go for a catch. Though Peter, as a professional fisherman tried to bring reason into the command, acted as commanded. The result was amazing and outstanding. It contradicted the laws and principles of fishing. For allowing Jesus use what he has, brought Peter into one on one with Jesus Christ the Saviour of mankind. That turned the story of Peter.

Dear child of God, do you know that making what you have available for the Master’s use can change your life and destiny? Had Peter and his colleagues gone ahead to sell the fish, they would have made fortune out of the catch but they saw a far greater blessing in following Jesus Christ and thus they abandoned all and followed Him. That singular act and decision of Peter changed his life, story and also immortalized his name. Yours can be so if you will give your talent/gift for the Master’s use. Sing SS&S 798; Abu 239

Food for Thought: All we can hold in our cold dead hands is what we have given away. -Sanskrit Proverb

Memory verse: Luke 5:3

Prayer: Lord, as I give in charity and for the gospel what you have used in blessing me, may your blessings come upon me the more in Jesus name. Amen.

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