Prove Your Patriotism

Devotion for Sunday January 21, 2018

Topic: Prove Your Patriotism        

Text: Nehemiah 1:5 – 11

Nehemiah’s prayer was nationalistic in nature which is a clear evidence of his patriotism. He started his prayer by recalling the attributes and promises of God (see Exodus 20:6). He was specific about the deplorable condition of Jerusalem which he attributed to sin of the Israelites (Nehemiah 1: 6 & 7 see Deuteronomy 28:15). He didn’t exonerate himself and his family. He remembered the promise of God concerning repentance and restoration (Nehemiah 1:8 – 10 see Leviticus 26:33, 39; Deuteronomy 4:25-27, 29; 28:64). He prayed for favour in the eyes of the king he serves. We should note that the best way to obtain favour from men is to plead with God in whose hand lie the hearts of men. His approach to national problem of Israel is a challenge for us Christians of this generation.

We are the major contributors to the problem of corruption, insecurity, political violence and all manner of social vices that are affecting us today by our inability to pray and to do what is expected of us. How often do we even care to know what is happening in our nation? Nehemiah asked and that prompted him into prayer. When we hear of national issues, does it prompt us to pray or do we begin to analyze it, blaming people at leadership position and exonerating ourselves? It is our duty to pray for our nation. Let this be uppermost in our hearts. Sing SS&S 1138; Abu 240

Food for Thought: How often do you pray for your nation and the challenges confronting her?

Memory verse: Nehemiah 1:7

Prayer: Lord, lay a great burden in my heart and hearts of other Christians in this nation to pray for her always in Jesus name. Amen

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