From Outcast To Celebrity

Devotion for Friday January 26, 2018

Topic: From Outcast To Celebrity

Text: Judges 11:1 – 11

Jephthah was known as outcast. He was rejected by his people because he was not “born in a legitimate way.” There are many born legitimately but have no achievement whatsoever to show for it, while many people termed ‘bastard’ have lived to become great and prosperous in the society. The story of Jephthah as we have in our text is an example that confirms the fact that noble parentage has little to do with what we become in life.

When his people in Gilead were face with impending war from Ammon, they remembered Jephthah as a man of valour and went to him to lead them to the war. He gave them a condition which they agreed on even with an oath. He that was despised became sought after and celebrity among the people that despised and rejected him.

Beloved, have people despised you and called you outcast, never-do-well and all sorts of names because of your past? Are you now a shadow of yourself because you are downcast and can’t raise your face in the public because of your past, parentage, your sins and failures you have experienced in life?  I reassure you that God has hidden some talents in you that will lift out of that past, sin or failure. God is waiting on you to take a step and your light will begin to shine for the world to acknowledge you. Those who hitherto had concluded that you can never succeed will come back to you for help. Sing A&M 181

Food for Thought: Judges 11:8

Memory verse: Judges 11:11

Prayer: Lord God, grant that all who despised me will come back to celebrate me in Jesus name. Amen.

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