Do Not Fear To Go To Egypt

Devotion for Sunday January 28, 2018

Topic: Do Not Fear To Go To Egypt     

Text: Genesis 46:1 – 3

There are places God has chosen to open His promises to us and bless us. The promise of making Jacob great was made by God in Genesis 28:13 – 15. God saw that the promise could only be fulfilled when he leaves Beersheba thus He encouraged him to leave for Egypt to also fulfill His word to Abraham (Genesis 15:3). God told Jacob to leave his home and travel to a strange and faraway land.

At about 130 years old; it was a long journey, and he was unfit to travel that far. However, God reassured him by promising to go with him and take care of him. He fulfilled it by making Israel a great nation in Egypt. They were 75 persons that left for Egypt and came out in millions. What a mighty God we serve!

When new situations or surroundings frighten us, we should recognize that experiencing fear is normal. However, to be paralyzed by fear is an indication that we are questioning God’s ability to take care of us. There is a place God has made chosen to bless and prosper you this year. At His command, move on to that place. All you need to do is ask for divine wisdom from God to get to that place of recognition and blessing. We should trust God to help us as we undertake various ventures this year. He will see us through. Don’t be afraid. Move on and He will make you great. Sing SS&S 561; Abu 188

Food for Thought: Where has God promised to make you great?

Memory verse: Genesis 46:3

Prayer: Lord, lead me to the place you have promised to make me great.

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