I Will Go With You

Devotion for Monday January 29, 2018

Topic: I Will Go With You    

Text: Genesis 46:4

Life we live goes with different challenges. The challenges of life come to our ways in order to make us fearful and unwilling to attempt things that will make us great in life. Some of the challenges bring so much fear that we may be forced to abandon our lives’ dreams. Despite these challenges of life, we should always have behind our minds that with the blessing of God upon our lives, we need not fear to undertake any service, make any sacrifice, or endure any trial that comes our way.

God saw how apprehensive Jacob was and decided to allay his fears with the words in Genesis 46:3 and 4. Again, those that go where God sends them shall certainly have God with them. Though Jacob never returned to Canaan, but God promised that his descendants would return. That Jacob would die in Egypt with Joseph at his side was God’s promise to Jacob that he would never know the bitterness of being lonely again.
What is that dream, proposal or journey God has placed in your heart to start or undergo? Are you apprehensive and skeptical about it? God is saying that He will go into it and you will be prosperous. Trust and believe God to go with you as He has promised.  He never fails.

Sing the song here in the food for thought

Food for Thought: He has promised, He will never fail, I will follow Him, I will follow Him, He has promised He will never fail; His faithfulness is forever more, His faithfulness, is forever more (Song).

Memory verse: Genesis 46:4

Prayer: God, go down with me into my business and work this year

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