When God Remembers You

Devotion for Monday February 26, 2018

Topic: When God Remembers You

Text: 2 Samuel 9:9 – 13

When God remembers us, He restores all we have lost and add more blessings for us. This was the case of Mephibosheth here. God used David to remember him. As a cripple, he was not counted as anything. Nobody says anything about him. The worst was the fact that his father was no more and his brother was not on the throne and probably Ziba might have withdrawn his services. Things may have been so hard for him. But God was somewhere watching and He decided to honour him. Are you crippled in any form either physically, financially or spiritually and you have nobody to help you? God will remember you as He remembered Mephibosheth in Jesus name. David restored to him all that belonged to his father (v 9) and also commanded Ziba to serve him so that they will be provisions for his family. Ordinarily, properties acquired by Kings are transferred to their successors and not to their sons. This was the reason these properties were in David’s hands (compare 2 Samuel 12:8). But he restored them to Mephibosheth. His status changed overnight. David went looking for Mephibosheth. It was not the opposite. When Providence smiles on us, we should not forget or neglect the people that helped us to climb to stardom. We go looking for them as David did and even as God came down to the earth looking for the lost world. This is love. We should emulate this kind of act as Christians. Till date Jesus Christ seeks this lost and ruined race. Let Him into your life. SS&S 363; Abu 269

Food for Thought: A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve.

Memory verse: 2 Samuel 9:9

Prayer: Lord, remember me and restore all that I have lost through the fall of man in Jesus name. Amen

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