He Will Comfort You

Devotion for Thursday March 1, 2018

Topic: He Will Comfort You

Text: Isaiah 51:1 – 3

It is good for those privileged to be born again, to consider that they were shaped in sin. This should cause us to have low thoughts of ourselves, and high thoughts of divine grace we have received by virtue of our new birth. In our text, we are called to a steadfast faith in the Lord. If we consider our present state, we will be discouraged. For this reason, God speaking through the prophet Isaiah called on us to consider where and how we started. He also challenged us to look at the life of Abraham our father of faith and his wife Sarah how He increased them. Thus, He assured His people of His comfort in their troubled state with promise of restoration (Isaiah 51:3). Beloved, God is a covenant keeping God. He that called us is faithful (Deuteronomy 7:9; Nehemiah 9:32). He called us for a purpose which amongst them is to increase and comfort us. In this world, we are faced with so many challenges of life like sickness (some protracted), sever wants, spiritual battles and many more. All these are what we face because we are still in the world. However, there is a place God has prepared for us that is void of all this challenges. In the interim however, He has assures us of His comfort (Psalm 102:13; Isaiah 40:1; 51:12; 52:9 – 10). What do you lacking now that everything seem to be like desert to you? He will make all to flourish again like the Garden of Eden be it your health, finances, marriage, studies, etc. In this new month, hold on to Him.

Sing SS&S 530

Food for Thought: When God says something, He performs it. Keep believing for He will never fail

Memory verse: Isaiah 51:3

Prayer: Lord, send your comfort to me in my troubled situations.

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