Devotion for Wednesday March 7, 2018

Topic: We Are Sojourners On Earth

Text: 1 Peter 2:11 – 12

Our behaviour as Christians matters so much for so many reasons. It is the bible some people may have the only opportunity to read. It shows the level of our Christianity and it can make or mar our Christianity too. For these reasons it is very important Christians should be mindful of their behaviour. Peter gives a reason why we ought to live holy, that is, because we are citizens of heaven and only sojourners here. Therefore, we ought to live not according to the laws of this world, which is most corrupt, but of the heavenly city, although we are strangers here. As Peter posited, lust can be habitual or actual. By habitual lust, it means an aversion to everything that is good, and a proneness to all evil. Actual lust are those conversant about sensual and fleshly objects. Holiness is a necessity for our seeing God and should not be compromised because the city we are hoping for doesn’t accommodate lustful souls. This admonition is very apt judging from the level of evil, vices, corruption of our time and the rate at which Christians fall off the faith presently. Behaviour is contagious and we are prone to easily copy evil more than good. Our conduct must be honest among Christians and also unbelievers (1 Peter 3:16). This is one way we can shine as light (Matthew 5:16 see Philippians 2:15). Our behaviour includes words of our mouth, thought of our hearts, our appearance and the way we react to people. Is your behaviour Christ-like?

Sing A&M 370; SS&S 252; Abu 150

Food for Thought: Philippians 2:14 – 15

Memory verse:  1 Peter 2:12

Prayer: Lord, make my conduct conformable to yours in Jesus name.

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