Don’t Be A Slave Of Sin

Devotion for Saturday March 10, 2018

Topic: Don’t Be A Slave Of Sin

Text: Romans 6:1 – 6

Holiness is a necessity in the life of Christians as Paul expresses in our Bible reading. He shows that justification and holiness are inseparable. He posted series of questions in Romans 6:1 – 3) stressing that Christians should abhor the thought of continuing in sin. In view of the foregoing truths (Romans 5) and especially the fact that where sin abounded, grace did much more abound, shall we then continue to live in sin, that grace may the more abound? He also gave the answer as NO! Paul exhorts that as Christians who have received the sacrament of baptism, should walk in newness of life so as to be united with Christ in His resurrection (Romans 6:4 – 5). Baptism teaches the necessity of dying to sin, and being buried from all ungodly and unholy pursuits, and of rising to walk with God in newness of life. Christians should know this fact that our old nature of sin has been crucified and what is crucified is dead. The reason for crucifying the old nature is to deliver us from being slaves of sin. It is one thing to sin, and another thing to serve sin: To serve sin is to yield willing obedience; to indulge ourselves in any presumptuous act or course of sin. It is prevalent of sin that destroys the sinner. Being in the flesh makes us to continue in sin and that displeases God. Are you still living in sin and serving it? The whole body of sin, whatever is not according to the holy law of God, must be done away with. Thus, we will no more be slaves of sin, but live to God, and find joy in His service.

Sing A&M 349; Abu 170

Food for Thought: Being a slave of sin makes our baptism irrelevant.

Memory verse: Romans 6:6

Prayer: Lord, help me to live a crucified life so I will no longer be a slave to sin.

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