Move On To Actualize Your Dream

Devotion for Friday March 16, 2018

Topic: Move On To Actualize Your Dream

Text: Deuteronomy 1:1 – 8

The first part of Moses’ farewell sermon to Israel begins with this chapter, and is continued to the latter end of the fourth chapter. Moses began his admonition (v5) by reminding them of God’s promises concerning Canaan (v 6 – 8). The people of Israel spent about a year on mount Horeb, the mountain that burned with fire (compare Hebrew 11:18). There God spoke to Moses that the people have stayed so much and should move on. They seem to be comfortable at that mountain but God told them to leave that comfort zone. No one can achieve much when he/she is in the comfort zone. You need to move out of your comfort zone to improve yourself, take more challenges and attain a new height.

Many of us are stagnant in our faith and spiritual lives. Some are comfortable being in the church without any commitment attached to it in terms of winning souls for Christ. Are you satisfied with what you are now? Are there no rooms for improvement in your life and career? If there are, then you should move on. Don’t sit in a place because of troubles of life that seem to have brought you to a standstill. It is time to move on. Are you mourning loss of a friend, a spouse, a parent, a benefactor or a child? It is time to move on. Dust yourself for there are better things ahead as there was Promised Land ahead of the Israelites. Sing A&M 331; Abu 109

Food for Thought: No one ever achieved much in a comfort zone.

Memory verse: Deuteronomy 1:7

Prayer: Lord, strengthen me to move in life not minding the troubles and challenges that have come my way in Jesus name.

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