There Is Always A Reward For Righteousness

Devotion for Sunday March 18, 2018

Topic: There Is Always A Reward For Righteousness      

Text: Psalm 1:1 – 3

When parents are happy with their children for obeying and carrying out instructions they reward them sometimes. In like manner God is always happy when we obey His commands and He blesses us. When He told Abraham to go and sacrifice his son Isaac and he obeyed, the response of God is in Genesis 22:15 – 18. We have in this psalm a reward for doing what God wants us to do. The theme of this psalm is the permanent prosperity and happiness of the righteous, and the certain destruction of the wicked. The reward for doing what God wants is being blessed which the Psalmist likened to a tree planted by the riverside. The key to doing what God wants is to know what He wants and such knowledge come through meditating on His word constantly. If we so desire to be blessed by God, we must have regard for His word, as the rule of our actions, and the spring of our comforts; and have it in our thoughts night and day. The righteous man takes counsel from God. This is very important for all that desire to please God. How do you take the word of God? What amount of time do you give to reading, study and meditation on it? That is the key to the breakthrough you desire always. Sing A&M 305; Abu 221

Food for Thought: The frequency and earnestness in meditating on God’s word is what ensures our growth and bring blessings upon us

Memory verse: Psalm 1:3

Prayer: Help me O Lord to earnestly and frequently meditate on your word to guarantee my blessings in Jesus name.

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