Trust In Him Always

Devotion for Monday March 19, 2018

Topic: Trust In Him Always

Text: Psalm 62:8 – 12 

There are times we falter in faith despite the level of our knowledge of God and spirituality. It happened to Abraham when he harkened to the voice of his wife by going into her maid. It also happened to John the Baptist while he was in prison. He sent message to confirm from Jesus Christ if He was the Messiah or not (Matthew 11:2 – 6) despite revealing to his disciples that Jesus is the Messiah (John 1:29 – 36). This has happened to some other men and women of God as we have then all over the scriptures.

Life usually presents its curves, bumps and pot holes on our life’s journeys. It doesn’t spare anyone though the spate and degree varies. All these are aimed at slowing us down or divert our faith and at times we begin to doubt God and His faithfulness. In our bible reading of the day, the Psalmist who had experienced God’s faithfulness urges us to trust God for some reasons. He is our refuge (v8, see Psalm 18:2), all power belongs to Him (v11, see Revelation 19:1) and He is merciful (v12, see Psalm 103:8). Thus we should trust Him to guide us when we are in doubt, to protect us when we are in danger, to supply all we need when in want and to strengthen us for every good word, and work. We should trust when we can see, as well as when we are utterly in the dark.

As you go out today, trust God to meet that pressing need of yours. Trust him to bring more customers to your business and to grant you favour as you go for that contract and business opportunities. Also trust Him to grant you peaceful working environment with that your froward boss. The Lord, be with you!

Sing SS&S 804; Abu 238

Food for thought: Proverbs 3:5, 6

Memory verse: Psalm 62:8

Prayer: Lord, grant me stronger faith to trust you always as I go through curves of life in Jesus name.

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