Why Are You Far From Me, O Lord?

Devotion for Tuesday March 20, 2018

Topic: Why Are You Far From Me, O Lord?

Text: Psalm 10:1 – 11; Sing A&M 352

When God withdraws His grace from us, especially in times when we are in trouble, it is usually very severe. Most times, we stand very far from God by our unbelief, fear and other ways and then complain that God is far from us. The picture represented in our text shows God as standing at some distance, seeing the oppression of His people, and yet apparently unconcerned about it. The Psalmist went further to complain about wicked people (Psalm 10:2 – 11). The sinner proudly glories in his power and success. They do not call upon God nor seek His guidance (Psalm 10:4).

Our perception about God is that as soon as we enter into affliction, we expect Him to help us, but that is not always His due time. Sometimes when He has not acted, we like the Psalmist here will start querying God for being far from us and inconsiderate. We begin to give reasons why God should act. It is not always so. God has His timing for everything. He does not respond to our call because our tears are much or severity of our problem. Isaiah 59:1, 2 give us insight into why sometimes it will look as if God is standing far from us. However, God’s concern for us far outweighs all our worries and cares.

We should not just assume that He is far from us. We should go to Him and ask and He will certainly answer us. It is during those times when we feel most alone or oppressed that we need to keep praying, telling God about our troubles and not complaining or querying God.

Food for Thought: Beloved, is it not you that is far from God with your unbelief?

Memory verse: Psalm 10:1

Prayer: God draw me closer to yourself so that I will not have reason to accuse you of being far from me.

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