Action Generates Abundance

Devotion for Thursday March 22, 2018

Topic: Action Generates Abundance

Text: Genesis 26:12 – 17

God instructed Isaac to stay in the land of the Philistines instead of going down to Egypt as his father Abraham did (Genesis 26:2 – 4). Isaac obeyed and dwelt in Gerar (Genesis 26:6). God told him to stay and he took action to ensure that he walks in line with all the promises God made to him. He sowed and the reward was outstanding (Genesis 26:12). The description of the reward Isaac received is challenging (Genesis 26:13) – “The man began to prosper, and continued prospering until he became very prosperous.” It was the action taken by Isaac that God required to bless him. God indeed blessed him which made the Philistines to start envying him. You need to enter into an action God needs to bless you so that it will make your enemies to start envying you in Jesus name. Beloved, if you desire to live in abundance, you need to take a step and action that God requires to bless you. God gave Israelites manna in the wilderness but He did not throw it into their tents. They went out for the manna. You need to take action today. Don’t fold your hands and keep waiting for the promised blessing. Isaac didn’t start sleeping and praying for blessings rather he took action. Today some Christians are lazy. They prefer to stay at home believing and claiming all the promises of God without a corresponding action. The action you will take now will determine what you will become or the kind of abundance that will attend your way this year and beyond. Sing A&M 483

Food for Thought: “Great ideas means nothing without world-class willpower to get the big ideas done” – Robin Sharma.

Memory verse: Genesis 22:12

Prayer: Lord, lead me into what I will do so that your promised blessing will begin to manifest in my life and family in Jesus name.

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