Jesus Christ Moved The City

Devotion for Sunday Palm Sunday March 25, 2018

Topic: Jesus Christ Moved The City       

Text: Matthew 21:1 – 11 

After the birth of Jesus and the visit of the wise men from the east, the whole city of Jerusalem was “disturbed” (Matthew 2:3). Again, Jesus caused a great disturbance in the city of Jerusalem which gave rise to the question, “Who is this?” The reply to that question was “It’s Jesus, the prophet from Nazareth in Galilee.” But Jesus is the prophet who was to come (Deuteronomy 18:15–18). No wonder the city was in an uproar! There was great excitement. The sight of such a multitude, the shouts of the people, and the triumphant procession through the city, excited much attention and inquiry to know who was being celebrated. As the procession descended from Mount Olives, it was in plain view of all Jerusalem, and its magnitude, shouts and songs excited the wonder of the whole city. By who is this, the questionnaire wanted to know the person worthy of such honour. By this event, Jesus boldly declared Himself King, and the crowd gladly acknowledged that and joined Him. When Jesus came into Jerusalem all the city was moved; some perhaps were moved with joy, who had waited for the consolation of Israel; others, of the sect of Pharisees, were moved with envy. Where do you belong in these two groups? Do you ask, who is Jesus, because you want to know Him or you want to ridicule Him like the Pharisees? Sing A&M 99, Abu 41

Food for Thought: Why do seek to know Jesus – to ridicule Him or to serve Him as Lord and Saviour?

Memory verse: Matthew 21:10

Prayer: Grant O God, that I will know Jesus in order to serve Him as my Lord and Saviour.

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