He Revitalizes Our Mortal Body

Devotion for Wednesday April 4, 2018

Topic: He Revitalizes Our Mortal Body

Text: Romans 8:10 – 17

If the Holy Spirit be in us, invariably Christ is in us. He dwells in the heart of believers by faith. Christ’s Spirit lives within our human spirits. The presence of Christ in us will automatically make our bodies to resist and reject sin (Romans 8:10). Any Christian who receives the grace and Spirit of Christ, and continues to live under its influence a life of obedience to the Divine will, shall have a resurrection to eternal life (Romans 8:11).

The point Paul made here is that we are promised the physical resurrection of our bodies into eternal life. The Spirit of God who raised Jesus from the dead will also give life to us. So there is wonderful hope even for our prone-to-decay bodies. In another dimension, the presence of Holy Spirit resuscitates our physical bodies too and makes it alive. When the Spirit of God dwells in you, Satan and sickness will not have upper hand in your body.

Are you sick in the body and desire healing from God? Then you need to invite the Spirit of God into your life. You can start with praises for God dwells in the praises of His people. His presence will bring life to that withered hand and crippled legs in Jesus name.

Though you may be sick but as you are reading this devotion, God is saying to you, give me chance to come in now and you will see the difference. Give Him the opportunity to come into your life and revitalize everything that is dead.

Sing SS&S 89; Abu 253

Food for Thought: Life comes from the Spirit of God (Ezekiel 37:10)

Memory verse: Romans 8:11

Prayer: Release upon me O Lord, your Spirit to revive my dying body again in Jesus name.

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