Let Your Light So Shine

Devotion for Saturday April 7, 2018

Topic: Let Your Light So Shine

Text: Matthew 5:14 – 16

Light is very important in our existence here on earth. Have you ever imagined what life would be without light? To some of us in Nigeria, it may not mean anything because we are used to darkness but not someone in the Western World. Jesus Christ told His disciples that they are light of the world and should shine for people to see. Jesus later explained this in John 8:12.

Without darkness, we can’t know the importance of light. The basic truth in this is that as light dispels darkness and enables a man to see his way, so the Christian, by his teaching and exemplary life, removes ignorance and prejudice, and discloses the way of life to unbelievers. Christians reflecting the light of Christ is necessary so that its beauty and essence can’t be concealed. If we live for Christ, we will glow like lights, showing others what Christ is like.

These are some of the ways we can hide our light from shinning. (1) When we keep quiet while we ought to speak. (2) Going along with the crowd and not standing out for Christ. (3) Denying the light, (4) Allowing sin in our lives which dims our light, (5) Not explaining the source of our light to others and (6) Ignoring the needs of others.

Beloved, are you really light in your family, office, school, business and neighbourhood? What being light of the world implies is that we are expected to live lives of high morals to reflect our call as Christians. We should let the light of Christ we have received be seen in us otherwise we are either being selfish or deceitful.

Sing: Give me oil in my lamp keep me burning. Give me oil in my lamp I pray, Give me oil in my lamp keep me burning. Keep me burning till that brighter day.

Food for Thought: Is your light shining for people around you to see?

Memory verse: Matthew 5:14

Prayer: Use the song above to pray.

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