Our Integrity Gives Credence To Our Christianity

Devotion for Saturday May 19, 2018

Topic: Our Integrity Gives Credence To Our Christianity

Text: Matthew 7: 15 – 20 

One thing that prevents men from choosing the strait and narrow way that leads to heaven is false doctrine that guarantees them freedom to live the way they want so they can fulfill their lustful desires. Today, there are many people who believe that the teachings of Paul, Peter, John, and other parts of the bible against homosexuals were wrong. Some of these false prophets brought the gay movement into the Church of God. This is the reason behind the warning Jesus gave in Matthew 7:15. You will know these false teachers by the way they drift from one position to another on doctrinal issues and the effects of their doctrines on morality. We cannot know the nature of a man until his fruits (his deeds) starts manifesting. Therefore, the way to detect false prophets is by their deeds. A person’s speech will not always correspond to his true nature (Matthew 7:21). Good teachers consistently exhibit good behaviour, integrity and high moral character as they attempt to live out the truths of Scripture. When Jesus spoke about bad trees, he meant teachers who deliberately teach false doctrine. We must examine the teachers’ motives, the direction they are taking, and the results they are seeking. Those who should not be teaching will be recognizable by their fruits. As Christians, we are teachers of the Bible by our words and action. Do we show integrity in all we do? If we do, that will give credence to our confession of faith. Let us be known for integrity and not for falsehood and deceits.

Sing SS&S 601

Food for Thought: Matthew 3:10

Memory verse: Matthew 7:20

Prayer: My God and my Father, help me to develop virtue of integrity in my words and action before you and men in Jesus name.

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