Topic: Deviants From The Truth

Devotion for Sunday May 20, 2018

Topic: Deviants From The Truth

Text: Romans 1: 19 – 32   

In the context of our devotion, deviants are people who deviate from the truth. Yesterday, we read the warning of Jesus Christ concerning false prophets. An Egyptian Professor some time ago posited that Jews lied about their history. That there was never a time they lived in Egypt. These are attempts by people to change the truth. Paul asserts that no one has excuse for not believing God. This is his argument here because God has revealed what He is like in and through His creation (Romans 1:19ff). Unfortunately, many have deviated from the truth about God and creation while some others have refused to accept Him, choosing to worship the creature instead of the Creator (Romans 1:22 – 25). For this reason God has given up on them (Romans 1:26) and will not spare them at judgment. Deviants from the truth are rampant in our days. They have given up the worship of God to worshipping of Pastors, General Overseers, Bishops, Archbishops, Priests, etc. They do this by accepting what these people say as standard instead of what the Bible say. Recently, I read how a pastor asked the female members not to put on underwear as they come to church so that it will be easier for the Holy Spirit to enter into them. Abomination you will say! I don’t blame them as much as those who give ear to them. Can you mention some other acts of deviants from the truth? Do you belong to these deviants – the gay people, modern idol worshippers in the church and compromisers or are you one of their supporters (Romans 1:32)? Repent now before it will be too late. God, forgive our foolish ways as we sing from A&M 184

Food for Thought: God cannot trade His glory with any creature

Memory verse: Romans 1:25

Prayer: God, help me not to deviate from the faith I received from you.

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