God Satisfies The Longing Soul

Devotion for Wednesday May 23, 2018

Topic: God Satisfies The Longing Soul

Text: Psalm 107:1 – 9 

Those the Lord has redeemed and those that have benefitted from God’s benevolence should speak out and tell the world about God’s goodness (Psalm 107: 1 and 2). Indeed, God has done so much for us, and we have so much for which to thank Him (see Psalms 103:1 – 5). He wants us to tell everyone all that He has done. These verses are not so much a mandate to witness but as act of appreciation to God. There is no affliction no matter how grievous our God cannot deliver us from. Thus the Psalmist exhorts us who are delivered to be mindful of so great a benefit (Psalm 107: 5 and 6). As for thirst, He gives satisfaction, so for hunger He supplies filling. Lost, hungry, thirsty, and exhausted as used in our text, are wanderers, example of Israelites in exile. They also typify anyone who has not found the satisfaction that comes from knowing God. Anyone who recognizes he or she is lost can receive the offer of Jesus to satisfy these needs. Jesus is the way (John 14:6), the bread from heaven (John 6:33, 35), the living water (John 4:10-14), and the giver of rest (Matthew 11:28-30). Have you received His life-giving offers? Jesus charged us on what to thirst after (Matthew 5:6). He then encouraged us in Matthew 6:33 and 34 to seek righteousness and all other things will be added unto us. What are the things you hunger and thirst after? God will satisfy your hunger and thirst especially if it is that which focuses on the spiritual; for that is what God delights in doing for us. Sing A&M 314; Abu 194

Food for Thought: Psalm 34:10

Memory verse: Psalm 107:9

Prayer: God, satisfy my longing soul for your righteousness in Jesus name.

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