Our Works Perfect Our Faith

Devotion for Monday May 28, 2018

Topic: Our Works Perfect Our Faith

Text: James 2:19 – 24

Here in our scriptural reading for the day, James presents a proof that faith cannot exist without being active in works of righteousness. He argued that Abraham’s faith in God would have been of no avail to him, had it not been manifested by his works. It was by his works; his obedience to the commands of God that his faith was made perfect and shown to be complete because it produced its appropriate fruit. The idea of James here is that our work is a way of justifying our faith and righteousness. From James position, we can allude that our work of righteousness speaks more of our faith than our profession. There we have a binding obligation to work out our faith so that people will know us more about our faith from our works and not from our confession. This is a challenge for us in this present generation where sin and all manner of evil have become the order of the day. It is only when we establish our righteousness through godly living that we can influence our generation for good. The bible says, “For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God” – Romans 8:19. We must reveal ourselves to the world through the works (actions and words) we do. The works Abraham did by offering his only begotten son made perfect his faith. Likewise will your works make perfect your faith and it all starts from absolute obedience.

Sing A&M 225; Abu 81

Food for Thought: Allow people to know your faith through your works of charity and your obedience to God and not just your confession.

Memory verse: James 2:22

Prayer: Grant, O Lord, my God, that I will justify my faith through the way I live and my obedience to your commandments in Jesus name.

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