God Will Heal Nigeria (Democracy Day)

Devotion for Tuesday May 29, 2018

Topic: God Will Heal Nigeria

Text: Jeremiah 33:6 – 9

Any person or nation that God has blessed and that person or nation is still suffering lack, it means that God’s judgement is upon that country or person. I can imagine how countries that are not endowed with such human and natural resources could be living in abundance while a country like Nigeria richly blessed is living in want and abject poverty. The only reason for this is not far from judgement of God. When God places his judgement on a people, some of the following happen. They have eyes but cannot see. They have things in abundance but they are still in want. They have bad leaders that plunder their common wealth, corrupt and abuse of the rule of law which form the order of the day. These things are prevalent in our nation today. However, there is still hope for us as a people because there is no situation that God cannot change. In our text, God assures that He will not abate his present judgements upon Jerusalem (Nigeria), but He gives the gracious assurance of a future restoration. What this implies is that, we should learn our lessons and repent of our sins now. God’s word in 2 Chronicle 7:14 should be uppermost in our hearts. The example of what Nineveh did in time of Jonah should be considered as the way out of our present socio-economic and political quagmire we have found ourselves in. God will heal our land.

Sing A&M 262; Abu 83

Food for Thought: Proverbs 11:11

Memory verse: Proverbs 14:34

Prayer: God let righteousness reign in our nation and let it start through me in Jesus name.

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