Whatever He Says To You, Do It

Devotion for Wednesday May 30, 2018

Topic: Whatever He Says To You, Do It

Text: John 2:1 – 11

It is evident from John 2:4 that Jesus’ mother did not understand what He had said as a harsh reproof and repulse, but as an indication of His willingness at the proper time to provide wine, hence her statement in John 2:5. From our bible passage, it shows that Mary had known the power in Jesus and His willingness to solve people’s problems which led her to speak to the servants. There are some lessons for us in this text. 1) There is a time for everything on earth. Jesus didn’t act immediately the mother made the request but waited for the appropriate time. This shows that there is time for God to answer us. He may not answer us immediately we make our request but obviously, He will answer. 2) What Jesus says to us is what we should do so as to attract His blessings upon our lives. We find it so difficult to do God’s bidding most times. Unfortunately, obedience to God’s word no matter how difficult or painful it may be is the way to test our faithfulness and love for God. Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments” – John 14:15. Until we do that, we cannot claim that we love God. 3) We should not question God’s instructions to us. The servants didn’t question Mary’s or Jesus’ instructions. They obeyed to the letter and that produced the miracle. Can you imagine the instruction of Jesus telling the servants to take water they just poured into the jar and serve as wine? Yet they didn’t question but acted and there was a miracle. As we obey God without questioning, we will be reaping our miracles.

Sing A&M 202; Abu 202

Food for Thought: “Let the ground of all religious actions be obedience; examine not why it is commanded, but observe it because it is commanded. True obedience neither procrastinates nor questions. -Quarles

Memory verse: John 2:5

Prayer: Lord God, grant me an obedient spirit in all you command me to do in Jesus name.

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