Find Joy In One Another

Devotion for Thursday May 31, 2018

Topic: Find Joy In One Another

Text: John 3:22 – 36

Here in our text, John teaches us not to envy or resent one another’s gifts or blessings. Rather we should find joy in what others are blessed with or doing. There was a dispute between the Jews and John the Baptist’s disciples which may have centred on the relative worth of John’s baptism and that of Jesus Christ. However, John, being mindful of his office, not only puts a stop to their endeavours, but also takes occasion by that means to give testimony about Christ, that in him alone the Father has set forth everlasting life. He summed up his testimony saying, “Therefore this joy of mine is fulfilled” – John 3:29b He was filled with joy that he has done his job as a forerunner of Jesus Christ and was very happy that Jesus had taken over. This act of John is a great challenge for present day Christians who are creating gulf instead of building bridges with interdenominational barriers between them. Today, there is so much competition among Christians. We envy and resent people’s gifts and hardly acknowledge the working of God in other people’s lives. This is one ploy of the devil to plant disunity and disharmony among Christians and many of us are undermining this plot of the devil. We should find joy in one another. We preach about heaven; a place for all believers yet we don’t see anything good in fellow Christians. One thing I know for sure is that, God is not making heaven for one denomination alone and again, many of us will be disappointed on the last day as the people that will make heaven are people who find joy in other people’s gifts and ministries. God help your church to understand this.

Sing The Church’s One Foundation A&M 225; Abu 81

Food for Thought: True brotherly love appreciates and supports gifts and ministry of other believers.

Memory verse: John 3:29b

Prayer: Almighty God, may I find joy in other people’s gifts and ministry in Jesus name.

Please pray for the production of My Daily Covenant with God and also pray for Tabugbo Morgan Uzoma as he celebrates his birthday today.

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