Devotion for Saturday June 2, 2018

Topic: God’s Pardon For Sinners

Text: Isaiah 43:22 – 28

Another word for pardon is amnesty which literally means prosecution free period for an offender. Our memory verse is similar to what we have in Isaiah 1:18. For it to be repeated by Isaiah, it shows how serious God is about it. In our bible passage, God showed the real condition between Him and Israel; they have not cared to call upon him (Isaiah 43:22), neither did they offer sacrifices to Him (Isaiah 43:23, 24). Despite all these, God out of His abundant mercies opted to grant them pardon and forgive them (Isaiah 43:25). God has extended this same pardon to us. This is an encouragement for us to repent, because there is forgiveness with God. God’s pardon for us is still there till date and till death. Just like the case of Boko Haram that rejected the amnesty offered by the Federal government which led the President and Commander in Chief of Nigerian Armed forces to order full onslaught against them so will God unleash His anger on those who refuse to accept His pardon now. Have you accepted the offer from God or you have rejected it Now is the time you have to decide. The pardon God offers us ends at death. Once you die without accepting it, you will face persecution and judgment of God. Decide now on what to do for your own good. Sing SS&S 379; Abu 258

Food for Thought: “He that promised pardon on our repentance has not promised life till we repent” – Francis Quarles.

Memory verse: Isaiah 43:25

Prayer: God, help me to accept your pardon and forgiveness before it will be too late.

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