Unlock Your Hidden Treasure

Devotion for Sunday June 3, 2018

Topic: Unlock Your Hidden Treasure        

Text: Joshua 1:1 – 9

Every human being has hidden treasures waiting to be unlocked. They can only become real and useful to us when we take some actions. There are many ways to unlock our hidden treasures. Some of the ways are through revelation, challenges of life, reading of books and practices. I became an author through the revelation I received from reading of books from my mentor, Robin Sharma. Some of his books opened my eyes to the enormous gifts in me. Then I realised that I can do something with my life. Many of us today are yet to manifest our gifts because we are not aware of them. I pray that God will reveal them to you. You will not die without realising your gifts and using them for your generation in Jesus name.

Moses had a task of leading the people into the Promised Land but was denied the opportunity because of anger and disobedience. God saw the kind of obstinate and rebellious heart they displayed under Moses and assured Joshua that he will succeed in leading them into the Promised Land on the condition that he meditates on the word of God regularly. Joshua 1: 8b says, “For then” … which means that the means of being inspired and to increase true courage, is daily attention to the principles and precepts of the Bible, so as to understand and obey them. For Joshua to discover his ability in leadership, he must as a matter of priority, read and meditate on the word of God to unlock that treasure in him.

Some of us have the treasure of becoming inventors, great athletes, great evangelists, pastors, teachers, doctors, nurses, etc, but fear have hindered us from attaining such greatness. God has an assurance for you in Joshua 1:9. Shake off that fear, put on courage and certainly you will be at the top. See you there.

Sing the Hymn A&M 561; Abu 188

Food for Thought: Fear is the greatest obstacle to attaining our greatness in life.

Memory verse: Joshua 1:8

Prayer: Lord God, remove every fear in me that is an obstacle to the manifestation of the gifts hidden in me in Jesus name. Amen

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