The Assurance Of Salvation

Devotion for Tuesday June 5, 2018

Sing SS&S 873

Topic: The Assurance Of Salvation

Text: 1 John 5: 1 – 5 

From our bible reading, we can understand that John had a challenge that some Christians sometimes doubt their salvation and he decided to address the problem in this epistle. This is very true among Christians. Some have opened up to confess it to me. Do you sometimes doubt your salvation? Then the explanations here are important to you. John teaches how to know if they are truly saved or not. That is the assurance/evidence of our salvation. Read this passage again and again to gain the needed assurance. John also reviewed Jesus’ mission to this earth and in dying for our sins from 1 John 5:6ff. He wrote this letter to reassure Christians of their faith, as some false teachers had given them cause to doubt the security of their salvation.  For us to know that we have eternal life, John tells us: trust in Jesus Christ (1 John 5:13). Jesus is God’s own Son, the one who came as a human being, died to pay the penalty for our sins, and rose again. His work alone gives Him the power and the right to forgive all who confess their sins to Him (1 John 1:9). Anyone who believes in Christ has eternal life (see John 3:16). The next time you feel insecure about your salvation, reaffirm your trust in Christ. It is good to reaffirm our faith on daily basis by confessing our baptismal creed. Then you can know you have eternal life.

Food for Thought: Do you still doubt your salvation? Then search yourself and go back to God in prayer.

Memory verse: 1 John 5:1

Prayer: God, strengthen my faith so that I will not doubt my salvation.

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