Let Your Light Shine

Devotion for Friday June 8, 2018

Sing SS&S 1138; Abu 240

Topic: Let Your Light Shine

Text: Isaiah 60:1 – 8

A true Christian is a light to the world. In the Book of Common Prayer (2007:167), we have in the liturgy for baptism, where the person being baptized will be given a candle light with the following admonition. (One of the sponsors says): Receive the light of Christ to show that you have passed from darkness to light. (The congregation will respond): Shine as light in the world to the glory of God the Father, Amen. This clearly shows what the life of a Christian should be. In Matthew 5:14 – 16, Jesus made it clear that we are the light of the world. What does it imply? It means that we are to show the world things as they are, and give to men right views of them. We are to enlighten, direct, and quicken others. How much are you doing this? In our text, the prophet calls on the nation of Israel to arise and shine because their light has come. God’s covenant with Israel is that His word and Spirit shall dwell with her forever. These are mightier than the powers of darkness (v2a); so that in all her conflicts with them it is certain that she will, in the end, prevail (2b). As the light (Christ – see John 8:12; 9:5) is revealed, He will draw Gentiles to it (Epiphany – Matt 2:2). For us Christians of today, as far as we have the knowledge of God in us, and the favour of God towards us, our light has come. It behooves on us to shine the light for others who are still in darkness to see our light and come to it.

Food for Thought: How can you shine your light for others to see?

Memory verse: Isaiah 60:1

Prayer: Father in heaven, let my light so shine before men, that they may see my good works and glorify you in Jesus name. Amen

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