Salvation Is Possible For All

Devotion for Thursday June 14, 2018

Sing Sacred Songs & Solos (Sankey) 471

Topic: Salvation Is Possible For All

Text: Luke 18:18 – 27

This rich young man mentioned in our bible reading came to Jesus seeking eternal life. Jesus pointed out the significance of his use of the word “good” (Luke 18:19), stating that there is no one good. He sought for reassurance from Jesus; a way to ascertain that he had eternal life. He wanted Jesus to measure and grade his qualifications, or to give him some task he could do to be assured of his own immortality. So Jesus gave him a task, the one thing the rich man knew he could not do. The rich man’s problem was that he would not obey Jesus’ final command (Luke 18:22). His riches were only the surface problem; the real problem lay in the love he had for his wealth. This shows that riches are `not bad but love for it instead of God is the problem. “Then who in the world can be saved?” the bystanders asked. No one can be save, by his or her own achievements, was Jesus’ answer. “What is impossible from a human perspective is possible with God.” Salvation cannot be earned—it is God’s gift (Ephesians 2:8-10). Have you doubted your salvation? Are you deep into sin and now you think your salvation is no more possible? God who offers us salvation is ever ready to save you and it is open to all who are willing to come to Him. All you need do is to pertinently come to Him and He will forgive you. Are you ready to do that today?

Food for Thought: Salvation cannot be earned—it is God’s gift

Memory verse: Luke 18:27

Prayer: Father, help me to sustain my salvation and not to lose it.

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