Pride Goes Before A Fall

Devotion for Monday June 18, 2018

Sing A&M 361; Abu 128

Topic: Pride Goes Before A Fall

Text: Esther 5:9 – 14

One obvious truth is that self-admiring and self-flattering end in self-deceit. The worst thing that can happen to someone is to have a bad friend and spouse. When your spouse/friends are God-fearing and truthful, you can hardly run into problem. Haman came home rejoicing for the honour of being invited to a dinner with the king and queen alone. However, to him, his joy was not complete with Mordecai being at the king’s gate. I pray that your presence will cause problem for your enemies and when they see you or hear your name, peace will elude them in Jesus name. Thus Haman sought the consent of his wife Zeresh and friends. They suggested gallows to hang Mordecai after seeking for permission from the king (Esther 5:13). This was pleasing to Haman (Esther 5:14). According to Family Bible Note, “The measures which men take for the destruction of others often prove the means of their own; and while they glory in anticipated victory, they sink into irretrievable ruin.” This was the case of Haman. Haman’s family and friends, who were as arrogant as he was, suggested that the gallows be 75 feet high, as they wanted to make sure that all the people of the city saw Mordecai’s death and would be reminded of the consequences of disobeying Haman. Ironically, these high gallows allowed everyone to see Haman’s death. Pride leads to destruction. It was pride that destroyed Belshazzar. Beware how you live your life.

Food for Thought: “A man’s pride will bring him low, but the humble in spirit will retain honour” – Proverbs 29:23.

Memory verse: Esther 5:12

Prayer: Almighty God, grant me humble spirit and remove every spirit of pride in me which leads to destruction.

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