Daily Insight- Shift From Ordinary Person To Extraordinary Person

Daily Insight – Shift From Ordinary Person To Extraordinary Person
Make your life matter in this generation. Be of use to yourself and humanity. Serve as many people as you can possibly serve. This is how each of us can shift from the ordinary into the extraordinary and walk amongst the best who ever lived.
The above is what can make you extraordinary in this your generation. Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther king, Florence Nightingale, Samuel Ajayi Crowther and so many other people that have !ived and are still living did it. Our world lack Leaders who have diaconate spirit. Most people in leadership positions today are so selfish and self-centred that all that matters to them is what they can acquire for themselves and their posterity. They are not after the welfare of people they serve. For this reason, some of them want to remain in power for life.
Service to humanity is what distinguishes us as extraordinary. It makes us so humane and gives us a sense that what we are and what we have are gifts.
Beloved friend, as we begin another week, I want you to understand that your talents and gifts are inconsequential if they are not used for the good of humanity. Again, God expects you to account for it because it was given to you for a purpose.
God doesn’t make mistakes. He has placed you where you are today because there is someone there that should benefit from your gifts and talents. Look around and see the people in your neighbourhood; your office, the place you do your business and people that come to you. There is someone God wants you to serve with your gifts and talents. There are people around you in dire need of your gifts and talents. Serve them! Make your life count where people are. Serve them with your gifts; your money, your car, your talents and your wisdom. People want to come to you. Don’t scare them away. Rather, serve them and you would have succeeded in making your life count in your generation.

Tabugbo @ Asaba

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