Daily Insight – Always Be The Best You Can

Daily Insight – Always Be The Best You Can

“Don’t live in your past or else you will regret when you get to your future. Always be the best you can and you will be at the top at all times” – My Rise To Legendary Status

Don’t live in your past is a popular admonition. Many people have heard about this admonition. However, my concern is the preceding sentence from where I picked my topic of this daily insight. Living in the past denies us the opportunity of harnessing and maximizing the good opportunities in our today and in our future. It makes us lose focus and thus we are bereft of ideas on how best we can live a fulfilling life from the mistakes and lessons of the past.

Being the best we can demands self-disciplined and well planned life. It demands that we should forget about what we were yesterday; our achievements, our success stories, our setbacks, our failure and strive to gain new grounds. In being the best we can, we must be focused with daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and long term goals of what we intend to achieve in this life and in our endeavours. We should read the biographies of people who have risen to the top to gain insight on how they did it. We should constantly get the mentoring from them if we can get access to them. This will help to keep us on our toes and make us forget about our past. It will help us to aim higher and higher on daily basis. In your work today and always, aim to be the best you can and certainly it will take you to the top.

I wish you the best!


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