Daily Insight – Who Will Cry When You Die?

Daily Insight – Who Will Cry When You Die?
“When you where born, you cried while the whole world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice.” – Ancient Sanskrit Saying

The above quotation changed my life; my world, my perception and my thinking about life. It brought about the transformation of my life and have placed me on a higher ground. If there is anything you can do to change your world, I suggest that you read books.
I first read about the above quotation in Robin Sharma’s book, WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE. We must understand that we have a compelling duty to live our lives for the good of other people. At birth, we cried while people around were rejoicing and celebrating our arrival. Beloved, have you ever asked why do babies cry at birth? That is a discussion for another day.
When someone dies, two sets of people cry. They are the immediate family members and those that benefitted from the person’s kindness. Kindness towards people should be the rent we pay for the mercies of God that we enjoy here on earth. In the scriptures, people cried when Dorcas died. Likewise so many great men and women that lived on this earth. People cried when they died.
When you die, who will cry? Is it only your immediate family? When you live for yourself or selfishly, your family alone will cry for you when you die but when you live selfless life and for the good of other people, the world will cry when you die. Therefore, begin to live well. Wipe away tears in people’s eyes through your acts of charity and kindness. Show mercy to people. Empathize with the hurt, care for the needy, protect the widows, fight for the rights of the oppressed and ensure that you have a way of assisting the less privileged people around you.
By doing so, you would have succeeded in not only immortalizing your name in the hearts of people but also securing for yourself peaceful exit from this earth which will make people (those who benefitted from your good deeds and those who heard your story) cry when you die. Think about this and begin in earnest to affect lives around you. 

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