Daily Insight – Consistency: Key to Legendary Status

Daily Insight – Consistency: Key to Legendary Status

It is a well known saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day… but those who built Rome were laying bricks every hour. Of course we know that there is nothing impressive about laying a brick. Nobody is going to applaud you for laying only a brick. But laying a brick every hour, every day, year after year – that’s how you build an empire.
Beloved, does the above statement make any sense to you? The message in that paragraph is about consistency which is vital in achieving your goals in life. Don’t think that the likes of Dangote, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc suddenly became billionaires. Dangote was once a sales boy under his uncle. He started his own business with borrowed money and his consistency paid off.
The message I have for you today is that you should be consistent and continue to lay the bricks of your business empire every hour; every day, every week, every month and year after year. What you are doing today may not impress people and certainly it will not. People may even call you names for laying one brick alone today. They will criticize and ridicule your efforts. They will misunderstand your goals and actions. Do not mind their criticism. Just be focused and with time they will come to congratulate you. With time you will make a name for yourself, become a brand name in many homes and a legend in your chosen career.
I wish you a great and fruitful day as you lay the bricks of today, building your Rome.

Tabugbo Uzoma

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